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Who am I?

I am an ideas led freelance graphic designer and graduate of the University of London, Goldsmiths College. I work with brands, marketing teams, start up enterprises and small businesses - producing a high standard of graphic design that is driven by bold creative thinking.


I graduated from one of the top BA Hons Design courses in Europe. Upon graduating I worked for a small North West based graphic design and branding agency where I gained experience working for some exciting new and established brands. I then moved into the publishing business, working for a large UK magazine publishing company. I was editorial design on four big titles.

Since becoming a freelance graphic designer I have built many good client relationships, designing for a diverse range of client sectors including: The Food & Drink Industry, The Tourism & Leisure Industry, Professional Services, Public Events and The Building & Construction Industry.

My Approach

It is important for me to work closely getting to know my clients understanding their current market, competition, challenges, time restraints and pressure. Each project I work on is an opportunity to do some amazing work that connects with the intended audience bringing success to my clients.

Freelancer vs Agency

The biggest benefit of using a skilled, creative freelance designer can be exactly the same as you would get from a top branding agency but at a fraction of the price - because the freelancer has less overheads. You also get to work much more closely with your designer, instead of relaying everything through an
account manager.